Road Safety

By | April 19, 2011

Safety is our first priority, and we base our policies on the belief that all accidents are preventable.

Many people think that bicycling is dangerous without thinking that cyclist travel more miles per fatality than pedestrians. The cycling is safe does not mean that the individual should not make efforts to make their cycling more safe. Some have frequent, serious falls and/or collisions, and others have few accidents or none. Some Cyclist says that sometimes some are lucky and some are not during the cycling.

For example, cyclists who ride on the sidewalk, on wrong side of the road, and at the extreme edge of the pavement are all fearfully trying to prevent injuries, but by this method there is a great chance of getting stuck by cars. Analysis of bicycling accidents and of cyclist fatalities shows that cyclists are most safe when they operate their bicycles as vehicles. Due to this reason the bicycle laws are same as of vehicles.

For that instance in Pakistan Shell is playing a great role in the society to create awareness about the road safety. Shell Pakistan considers SAFETY as an important part of their business and introduced new training programs and their successful implementation to avoid as much as road accidents.

Safar Bakhair (Road Safety) Program

Shell Pakistan emphasized more on the poor roads and safety conditions in Pakistan.

Driver Training & Attitude/Behavior Improvement

Shell trained the 10,000 drivers in the past 7 years in Defensive Driving techniques. Shell held the Drivers training courses and especially in the remote areas and to cover these remote areas they have some special mobile training buses to educate the drivers of that area. The mobile training bus service was introduced in mid-2001 and through this service almost 3000 drivers have been educated in the remote areas. On the other hand the “Positive mind Set Change Training” is also given by engaging Professional psychologists. Monthly HSE are also issued to the drivers on safety importance.

Management System during Journey

On long Journey the driver faces the fatigue problem and which is the main source of accidents to overcome this issue, Shell Pakistan has set up four Mid-Way Rest Stations after every 400 Km on the main highways. These Rest stations are equipped with basic necessities such as clean drinking Water, hygienic food and clean toilets. Concept of “Friends of Drivers” (FOD’s) has been introduced to promote on-road counseling to drivers.

Shell Pakistan’s: Happy Roads Programme

Shell Pakistan road safety program not only emphasize on the road safety awareness among students but also strengthen the community safety and more in the families. These programs have many objectives like safe crossings, obeying traffic signals, and technical features of bikes and motorbikes. Also trained the children about rights and duties of a pedestrian, and describes legal responsibility of persons involved in a traffic accident. The training session is given through some examples so they can understand well. Shell Pakistan receives positive response about the training programs which they are held ,and they have to extend there geographical boundaries for the training programs so more and more will educate about the road safety importance.

Shell Pakistan’s Road Safety Initiatives for Adults

Shell Pakistan road safety program not only to build awareness amongst youngsters but also target the adults as well. Every Year thousands of adults loss their lives just due to the lack of road safety awareness. Shell Pakistan has just start working with Indus Motor Company to launch a new ‘Adult Road Safety Awareness Programme’ to reach the corporate audiences to make the safety standards better on the road.

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