By | April 28, 2011

I hope many of the people haven’t heard about this terminology or what it is about. So let me help you to understand what Q-Factor is about and how it is helpful to cyclists.

Q-factor is the distance between the cyclists’ feet and measured through the bottom bracket. Q-factor has implications to a Cyclists Mechanics Pedaling Power and overall Bike handling. Q factor is a function of both the bottom bracket width and the crank arms. Q-factor not commonly published by the bicycle manufacturer like top tube length. Cycling is a low impact activity, when we cycle the change in dynamics takes placed of how movement are affects our body. When cyclists do cycling their most important goal is to have good positions of knees and ankles and they are well aligned. Due to the proper positioning on cycle the stress on the body will reduce. The real challenge in having an actual q-factor is finding the right combination of bicycle frame and components. Bottom bracket width, crank thickness, offset and pedal sizes are the main things. The components which are related to Q –factor are Bottom bracket width and pedal size. Cranks, the arms that connect the pedals to the bottom bracket, come in an assortment of sizes (thickness) and shapes (offset).If cyclists want to change their Q-factor, shoes and pedals provide an easy and quick solution. In changing the Q- factor the cyclist will just shift Cleat which is attached at the bottom of the shoe. Moving it toward the outside will shift the cyclist’s foot inside, result in decreasing the q-factor. A cyclist should have a proper training by a trainer so that adjustments will takes place in proper environment. Q- Factor has lot of affects on the human body and affects the power and efficiency of a cyclist. A wide q-factor requires more energy to pump the handlebars back and forth. The cyclists will never think about the mathematical relations which a human body have during Cycling, although it’s very important to know how they affect our body.


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