Why to Use Cycling Glasses?

By | May 31, 2011

If you are a professional cyclist, you may already have at least one pair of cycling glasses particularly for riding on the roads. Most people do not bother with specialist cycle eyewear, or they wear their normal eyeglasses if they are restricted and need glasses anyway. There are several reasons to choose bike specific eyewear however, which are all to do with safety.

There was a time, not too long ago, when few cyclists rode wearing special cycling eyewear. But, that all changed when Greg LeMond started winning Tour de Frances wearing cycling glasses. Cyclists everywhere started trying proper eye protection and discovered that, at the end of rides, they were less exhausted.

Wind, flying dirt and debris can cause scratchy, irritated eyes. Cycling glasses can be worn to protect your eyes from these elements, can shield you from ultraviolet radiation and the sun, and can increase contrast to help you see pot holes, rocks, and other road conditions better. Lenses can be made to change color with the lighting conditions to accommodate the time of day and weather you ride in. They can even be fit with a prescription lens.

Once you have decided that buying yourself a pair of cycling glasses is a priority, for the sake of your eyes, where do you start looking for a cool design that fits the bill perfectly? Here are some of the top brands to get you started on your search. Several of them are very large companies with offerings across the sports and leisure markets. For cycling you should be aiming to get wrap around frames or ones which have side shields to protect your eyes from the wind.


Bollé offers a complete collection of sunglasses and goggles to cater for all cycling needs. They also sell ophthalmic prescription glasses in various frame designs. However Bollé cycling glasses are designed with all the features you will need in their Performance Collection.



Giro make active wear including sunglasses, gloves, helmets and other accessories, which service cyclists, skiers and snowboarders, and also on and off road pursuits. A couple of excellent styles of Giro cycle glasses to investigate are the Havik 2 and Filter.




One of the giants in the world of sunglasses, Oakley continues to innovate in both lens technology and frame design. Oakley cycling eyewear is often accused of coming with a very high price tag, but the quality and performance is second to none.


Rudy Project


Rudy Project is an independent sunglasses company catering to active wearers, which includes cyclists, athletes, tennis players and golfers. They have an excellent range of cool designs. The best Rudy Project cycling glasses to check out are the Rydon and Noyzranges.



Smith Optics

Like the other big brands, Smith offers sunglasses for leisure and sports. Smith cycling glasses are available in the usual wrap around design, many of which have interchangeable lenses and some models are available as prescription shades. The models to take a closer look at are the Smith Pivlock collection and the Interlock.


Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are more than your average pair of sunglasses. They feature specialized cutting-edge Adaptalite lenses, which automatically adjusts to current light conditions.



Other Brands to Investigate

Those are perhaps Six of the most common brands you will encounter in the world of cycle-specific glasses, several of which offering glasses across the whole spectrum of eyeglasses types, from normal clear reading specs, to high performance sports glasses. If you have rummaged around their websites and cannot find anything that fits the bill for you, then there are a few others you can consider. Most offer cycle goggles as well as wrap rounds, and some of these other companies are Switch, Wiley-X (who make shades for the US military), Tifosi, Kaenon and Blur.


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